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Sailing Lessons – Sheboygan, WI

You will learn what you want to learn and what is most important to you. Some want to refresh sailing skills that have been acquired over time but not recently practiced. Others may simply want to learn how to keep a sailing vessel going forward into the wind and how to trim the sails for various relative wind positions and speed. It’s what you want to learn based on your timetable and level of interest. There are no structured programs to pay in advance for. You pay as you go and learn what is most important to you. The sailing vessel Panache carries a 150% headsail with a full batten loose-footed main. Both of these sails are distinctive in their Red coloring making Panache very distinguishable from other sailing vessels and easy to spot from land. For sailing in light winds that are just forward or aft of the beam, we use a colorful Asymmetrical Gennaker which, when open, looks very much like a Spinnaker. For downwind sailing, the huge and extremely colorful Spinnaker, designed and built by Dorsal in Sturgeon Bay, WI, can be flown. It is a real rush to see this sail unfold, grab the wind, and move Panache along on a steady pace downwind.


Setting the sails and trimming the sheets are the very basics of learning to sail, so enjoy and learn as much or as little as you want about the art of commanding a sailing vessel. However, if simply enjoying a ride on a classic sailing vessel is of more interest to you, we will accommodate your wishes in that area too. Simply sit back, relax and let your crew do the work for you.


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