Terms & Conditions

Red Sails Charter & Sailing Lessons, LLC – Terms and Conditions

By making a booking with Red Sails Charter & Sailing Lessons, LLC, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

My Responsibilities
As the Captain of Panache, it is my responsibility to see that you have a safe and enjoyable sailing lesson or charter.

Your Responsibilities
As a charter passenger or sailing lesson participant, it is your responsibility to respond to and obey the commands given by the Captain of the vessel. There is only one Captain and there should be no debate as to what he/she demands of the people on board.

All passengers are required to sign a liability waiver. Passengers boarding with children (minimum age for children is 12 years of age) are required to sign an additional liability wavier (see liability wavier). Sailing is an outdoor sport and can be associated with several risks including weather situations that may occur with little notice. Risks of serious personal injury or death may exist and emergency response times may be longer than those on land. Individuals prone to sudden health issues should think carefully about the elevated risk factors before embarking on a charter or a sailing lesson.

Meeting/Drop-off points and Charter Routes
Charter clients and first time students will be met by the Captain of Panache at the Harbor Centre Marina at 821 Broughton Drive, Sheboygan, WI 53081. Parties should plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled departure time. You will be sent a Google map to show you the meet-up location. Routes taken during your charter are solely up to the Captain’s discretion. Suggestions will be entertained, however, safety is the Captain’s foremost responsibility; and as such, he will determine the prudent and safe route to sail. The drop off point will be at the departing slip from which the chartering party will be able to leave the secured area.

Hours of Operation
We operate any time between 8 am and 11 pm, seven days a week.

Proper Attire
Sailing conditions can change rapidly and what might seem rather warm on land can be several degrees cooler on the water. Thus, it is strongly suggested that warmer clothing than what you would normally wear on land for a given day be a part of your consideration prior to boarding.

ABSOLUTELY NO HARD SOLED SHOES WILL BE WORN ON PANACHE! The only acceptable footwear is marine deck shoes or soft-soled athletic type shoes with clean white bottoms. Barefoot is also not acceptable, everyone on board must wear appropriate footwear.

Alcoholic Beverages
Anyone who appears by the sole discretion of the Captain to be intoxicated will be denied boarding privileges and no refund will be offered.

If your plan is to remain a passenger and simply enjoy your time on Panache in a relaxed manor, you are more than welcome to bring along your beverage of choice. Panache has refrigeration and freezer capabilities so your beverage of choice will remain cold for your enjoyment. All beverage served will be in a plastic cup and it will be the sole discretion of the Captain to determine when beverages may be served.

Anyone wanting to participate in crewing activities will be required to refrain from alcohol consumption until Panache returns to the slip and is secured.

Life Jackets
Lake Michigan can have extremely cold water that could render even the most accomplished swimmer immobile in a very short period of time. In addition, the USCG requires that life jackets be readily accessible to everyone on board. This means that if you are not wearing a life jacket it should be right next to you. Accordingly, anyone acting as a crewmember will wear a USCG approved life jacket (provided by the Captain) at all times. If you are on board to simply enjoy the sail and not acting as a crewmember you may keep your life jacket close by while you sit in the cockpit. Should you decide to move forward and sit on the foredeck, you must wear your life jacket while you are in the process of moving forward to the foredeck. The Captain will decide if given the current sea conditions if it is appropriate for you to remove your life jacket while on the foredeck. It must be kept close by should the need to put it back on becomes apparent. Upon returning to the cockpit your life jacket must be worn. All those acting as a crewmember/student must wear a life jacket at all times.

Red Sails Charter & Sailing Lessons, LLC reserves the right to cancel any service without notice for any reason including, but not limited to, unsafe weather as determined by the captain and unforeseen maintenance. In this event, the passengers and students will be re-scheduled to a later date that is agreeable to both parties.

Booking and Refund Policy/Passenger Cancellations
1) A $75 deposit is required for a charter or a first time sailing lesson booking at the time of booking. Passengers may cancel or change their original booking with Red Sails Charter & Sailing School, LLC 72 hours before hand with a 20% administration fee.

2) Cancellation of original bookings with 72 hours of notice or less of scheduled departure time will receive no refund of original deposit.

Price changes
Red Sails Charter and Sailing Lessons, LLC may change prices or services at any time without notice. Changes will not affect previously booked services.

Privacy Policy
Credit card information will only be used for the payment of products and services at Red Sails Charter and Sailing Lessons, LLC and will not be shared with any other entities or individuals. Debit cards, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and PayPal payments are accepted. Invoices receipts will be sent via email..

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